What are the Exemptions to the General Rules and Regulations for City Property in Decatur, GA?

Below you’ll find information on the exemptions to the general rules and regulations for city property in Decatur, GA as well as how they relate to trees. Here are at Premiere Tree Services of Decatur we work hard to keep our customers informed. We not only trim, prune, plant, or remove trees, we also make sure you’re aware of the tree regulations.

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The following shall be exempt from compliance with this article:

  1. All privately owned developed property, including yard areas, designated R-85 single-family residential or R-60 single-family residential by the city zoning ordinance and developed with single-family or two-family residential uses.
  2. Construction and maintenance of public streets, highways and rights-of-way by local, state and federal governments and public authorities.
  3. Any tree determined to be in a hazardous or dangerous condition so as to endanger the public health, welfare or safety, requiring immediate removal, may be removed without obtaining a permit as required in section 86-83
  4. During the period of an emergency, such as a tornado, ice storm, or other act of nature, the requirements of this article may be waived by the city manager or his designee.
  5. Trees found to be diseased or insect infested by the county extension service, state forestry commission, an arborist, or an urban forester may be removed without obtaining a permit as required in section 86-83
  6. This article shall not apply to any portion of a property included within the limits of a valid building or soil erosion control permit issued prior to December 4, 1989, the date of adoption of the ordinance from which this section derives, provided that all time constraints relating to the permit are observed.

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