What are the Rules and Regulations on Tree Removal Permits in Decatur, GA?

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Applicability of article

The terms and provisions of this article shall apply to any activity on real property, including any activity which requires the issuance of a building or soil erosion and sedimentation control permit, which affects the following:

  1. The covered area of specimen trees or stands;
  2. All undeveloped property;
  3. The yard areas of all developed property; and
  4. Public rights-of-way and parks.

Removal permits; procedure

  1. Required. No person, firm, organization, public agency or society shall directly or indirectly destroy or remove any trees situated on property described in section 86-81 without obtaining a permit as provided in this section, except for property and activities exempted in section 86-82
  2. Application; fees; in conjunction with other permits and documentation. Permits shall be obtained by making application to the development department, and the application shall be referred to the city tree consultant. Permit fees shall be as established from time to time by the city commission and set forth in the schedule of fees and charges. The application, when made in conjunction with an application for a building permit or a soil erosion control permit, shall also include a landscaping plan, a plan for protection of trees during construction, and any other documentation required for all areas of the parcel within a protected zone. The applicant may be required to submit a tree replacement plan if, at the discretion of the city tree consultant, replacement is deemed reasonable and suitable. Methods and standards for tree protection and replacement shall be established in administrative guidelines to this article. Such guidelines shall be effective upon approval by the city commission.
  3. Review of plans and documents; approval; return for revision; denial. All landscape plans and related documentation shall be reviewed by the city tree consultant and either approved, returned for revision, or denied. If denied, the reasons shall be annotated on the landscape plan or otherwise stated in writing.
  4. Issuance of building or soil erosion control permit. Issuance of a building or soil erosion control permit shall constitute an approval of the required landscape plan and conformance to the provisions of this article. Any permit shall be void if its terms are violated.
  5. Appeals for relief or reconsideration; notice. Any person aggrieved or affected by any decision of the city tree consultant relating to the application of this article may appeal to the development director for relief or reconsideration. Such appeal must be filed within ten days of the date of the decision being appealed. Notice of such appeal shall be given to the city tree consultant prior to consideration of the appeal by the development director. Any person aggrieved or affected by any decision of the development director relating to the application of this article may file an appeal within 30 days of the decision with the city commission. Appeals shall be granted only for errors of interpretation or where unique natural features of the site are such that application of this article would create an undue hardship for the property owner, and in other instances where an undue hardship is created for the property owner.

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